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Two to three times a month, you'll receive an email with links to new educational material we have placed on our website. This includes weekly articles, research papers, government reports, and/or book reviews with a brief synopsis or quote from the material. This free service is intended to help our readers screen out some of the noise and focus on a limited number of noteworthy items.

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Will you receive access to our monthly newsletter, which is based on a wide range of experts, helping each of us to better comprehend world events and trends unfolding in a variety of markets?

No. If you wish to receive access to this research, please see the details below.


What will you receive?

You'll receive the educational emails sent to our Noteworthy group and access to the private portion of our website through a six-month subscription to The Investor's Mind. This "go anywhere" newsletter will draw from more than 60,000 pages of reading on general history, financial and economic history, fundamental and technical analysis, and mass and investor psychology since 2004.

How would you benefit from this research?

  • With questionable government numbers and inane news coverage, it's hard for investors to get their bearings and make sure they're making the best decisions. To improve your odds of success, you must be willing to consider options that are outside of conventional norms. As such, we offer non-conventional, non-traditional sources of information.

  • With the greatest expansion of debt in history, witnessed myriads of financial and societal changes. If you want to safeguard your investments and your business, you must be willing to challenge your thinking with research that, at times, will not be warmly embraced. As you well know, this is somewhat unique in the financial arena.

  • While we can't stop the historic trends that are unfolding, if we are humble enough to read, think critically, and humbly seek the advice of a wide variety of experts, we will not only gain a better understanding of what is unfolding in the larger world around us, but we will have the confidence, from evaluating specific ideas, to take actions that will place us in a far more advantageous position than the majority of investors, advisors, and traders.

  • There are three primary views of our current financial markets: The first is a bull market view, built upon the belief that central bankers are able to buy up all of yesterday.s debt and expand more to the private sector. The second is a bear market view which also relies on central banker.s abilities to continue to flood the financial markets with more debt. And while this can happen in the short run, unless the public returns to its preference for more debt, as prior to August of 2007, this view has no long-term viability. The final view is the deflationary bear market view, which simply notes that if individuals and corporations seek to reduce debt and are unwilling or unable to take on more debt, central bankers will find that they are powerless to induce a credit expansion. The collapse of the Japanese stock and real estate markets since 1990, serves as an example of where the global economy and financial markets are headed next. And while the process can be delayed, it cannot be stopped.

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Corporate leaders, Investment Advisors, government officials, those involved in institutional investing, those involved in the academic community, and of course individual investors.

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Yes. In fact, we recommend that you do. You'll find two samples by clicking this link.

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