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Retail Investor


Due to the amount of time we spend each week preparing our research publication, we

limit the group of individuals to whom we provide specific advice on an ongoing basis. In

keeping with the insights we gained in compiling our research paper on short selling,

Riders on the Storm: Short Selling in Contrary Winds – which is written so the layperson

can understand its contents and yet contains information such that even the most

seasoned traders can learn from it – we assess, hire, monitor (and, if need be, fire)

managers we believe can help our retail clients navigate the storm that continues to

unfold. If you would like to be considered for our financial monitoring services, you must

first subscribe to and read our paid research. Each individual will be considered on a

case-by-case basis. Please understand that being accepted as a retail client will be the

exception, not the rule. 

Institutional Consulting


More often than not, institutional investors, professional traders, and retail advisors are as

devoid of a historical perspective as retail investors. When one considers the millions of

people and trillions of dollars depending upon these professionals’ fiduciary

responsibilities, this is even more disconcerting than the news headlines we all face each

day. In our day and age, many assume that information is the same as knowledge, which, of

course, is not the case. As the greatest credit bubble in history morphs into the greatest

credit contraction in history, the odds of failure are higher than any of us can conceive.

We do not counsel industry professional unless they first subscribe to our paid research and

read some of our material. If you are interested in the practicality of our research, feel free to

contact our office. Coaching arrangements are considered on a case-by-case basis.


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